Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 3 2017 I decided I have reached the percipient part of my Running career I turn 75 next week and have discovered that, every time I train hard enough to be competitive, I get injured. So I still love running and have decided to keep running in races, just not compete.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Chilly 1/2 Marathon March 6/16

I arrived early and lined up with the 3hr runners. However soon after we started I felt the pace was too slow, so I took off on my own! At about 5k I cout up to Paul Denarkick, and we ran together for about 10K we passed the marker under 50 minutes and were feeling OK. About 15k I had some breathing promblems and had to walk. Paul took off ahead. I could see him a block ahead walking so I started to run again at 17k I had not cought Paul and had started to stagger. An EMA official grabbed my arm to stop me. Just then my cell phone rang.. It was Sue asking how I was. The official asked if she was at the finish line? I lied and said "yes" and he let me finish 3:24.. I was OK

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I was managed to finish Around The Bay 30k in 4:30+  I also finished my Heart Rehab at the "Y" and received  a completed certificate . I feel it should be a "yea I am a live diploma" I plan to live forever, SO FAR, SO GOOD! I spite of being a fit old guy, I realize the times I was posting 2yrs ago are no longer in reach, But I love running and I plan to run as long as I can. If you see an Old Guy  with an old Hound Dog on the trails, stop and say "hello"!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Feb 19/15 stress test

Talked with my Doc re the stress test and I and at 122% of a fit male my age. The good news is I can begin training for the ATB as long as I keep my HR under 140 BPM.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December  27 2014.
 I had a great deal of time for reflection over X mass in Que. No snow so our usual activities were restricted.I remember the first time I died! I was grinding up a long hill at "The Sulphur Springs 50K" when I felt a severe pain in my chest! I was near the top and Adrian, another age group, runner was right behind me so I could not stop, as I crested the top, the world went BLACK! I woke up on the down hill. A runner was asking if I was OK? and could I move to one side so the following runner would not have to jump over me! I started walking to get help, and collapsed two more times on the way to the 25K aid station. The EMO,s did a great job at keeping alive to the Hospital, where they replaced five arteries in my Heart!

I am in a Heart rehab. program now, but have a long way to go, the arteries they used to replace my my damaged ones not nearly large enough,The harvested the largest veins they could find in my leg. My Doctor thinks that my years of running saved my life. After each attack I just kept coming back , like a Zombie!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Maya and the Oakville half marathon.

I got a text from Maya ( blind runner ) she was requesting a guide runner who can run 4:30 k,s  for 21k, She had a very good experienced 5k Guide ( Brodvin) but she had only run 10K once, and knew she could not survive 21k. She had a inexperienced guide lined up. He had run Boston this year but was unknown! She was requesting my friend Roger, who had run her to a 1:45 last year. Unfortunately Roger had a family obligation that day and could not come.

I arrived after the race had begun. It was raining hard with a strong wind. 

Maya came storming in at 1:40 with her guide. Brodvin was no where to be seen! She had blown up at 15k, as expected. 

Maya was happy with her PB but wanted to run in the 1:30,s next time!

I will start working on x skiing next. She has a good coach who will teach her free stile, so she can beat the Russions. She already is the fastest skier in North America!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 11/14
I talked to Dr. Dokainish my cartalogest to-day and he told me that since I had survived 6wks I am probably OK.  Most people who have problems die before 6wks! I don,t think this revelation made me feel any better! He also told me I could start training again "running" Jan. 2015. so I can sign up for Hamilton Around the Bay.