Sunday, September 11, 2011


I reached a new milestone in this new phase of my running a 95k week. I think this is mainly because of my fear of my up and coming 50K Ulta The Buzzard Bait. I last ran it almost four years ago and it was a real downer. I was almost blind 8% vision and should have asked for a guide but was too proud. The course was well marked with ground level flags and I had some  vision and thought I would be OK. The course was a two loops of 25k and the first loop went OK, but at about 40K I followed the course down a gully. There had been a stream crossing here on the first loop and I though this was it. I suddenly stumbled into neck deep freezing water. It was November. I floundered around trying to find my way out when I heard kids giggling. I followed their voices and found the bank and asked for their help, but then they started to pelt me with clods of mud so I shut up. Eventually I come across another runner who took me to an Aid station. But my Ultra was over. The Kids had altered the the course as a JOKE. Since then I have had an cornea transplant and see 20/20 out my rt eye but I guess I am still afraid. 

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  1. I am sure you will do great. It is a testament to a runner to have gone through all that and still keep running. Those kids were total idiots.