Saturday, December 27, 2014

December  27 2014.
 I had a great deal of time for reflection over X mass in Que. No snow so our usual activities were restricted.I remember the first time I died! I was grinding up a long hill at "The Sulphur Springs 50K" when I felt a severe pain in my chest! I was near the top and Adrian, another age group, runner was right behind me so I could not stop, as I crested the top, the world went BLACK! I woke up on the down hill. A runner was asking if I was OK? and could I move to one side so the following runner would not have to jump over me! I started walking to get help, and collapsed two more times on the way to the 25K aid station. The EMO,s did a great job at keeping alive to the Hospital, where they replaced five arteries in my Heart!

I am in a Heart rehab. program now, but have a long way to go, the arteries they used to replace my my damaged ones not nearly large enough,The harvested the largest veins they could find in my leg. My Doctor thinks that my years of running saved my life. After each attack I just kept coming back , like a Zombie!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Maya and the Oakville half marathon.

I got a text from Maya ( blind runner ) she was requesting a guide runner who can run 4:30 k,s  for 21k, She had a very good experienced 5k Guide ( Brodvin) but she had only run 10K once, and knew she could not survive 21k. She had a inexperienced guide lined up. He had run Boston this year but was unknown! She was requesting my friend Roger, who had run her to a 1:45 last year. Unfortunately Roger had a family obligation that day and could not come.

I arrived after the race had begun. It was raining hard with a strong wind. 

Maya came storming in at 1:40 with her guide. Brodvin was no where to be seen! She had blown up at 15k, as expected. 

Maya was happy with her PB but wanted to run in the 1:30,s next time!

I will start working on x skiing next. She has a good coach who will teach her free stile, so she can beat the Russions. She already is the fastest skier in North America!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sept 11/14
I talked to Dr. Dokainish my cartalogest to-day and he told me that since I had survived 6wks I am probably OK.  Most people who have problems die before 6wks! I don,t think this revelation made me feel any better! He also told me I could start training again "running" Jan. 2015. so I can sign up for Hamilton Around the Bay.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Women in my life!

I was reading my old Blog entries and I was startled! by the fact there is ,no mention of the incredible influence they have on my running.

Susan my wife! For 50years she has never complained of my obsession, Making it passible to disappear for long weekends on short notice. For not complaining on my weird mood swings prior to a big race. Putting up with my crying, never do that again, only to sign up for the same race the next day.
For insisting I get medical help, when I felt " If I had trained a little harder". 
Suffering though a " open heart" operation by my side.
My Daughter coming all the way from Prince George BC. to help out in a big way.

With out you guys help, I would be nothing. There would be NO POINT!

Friday, August 15, 2014

2 weeks post operation.
 I have to take so time to revise my goals and training plans.

I feel that due to my competitive nature ( when I raced Motorcycle, everybody begged me to stop, as I was no good, and broke 28 major bones ), I have a great opportunity to coach and guide a group of blind, B2, B1 skiers and runners. One of which is half way on an Bruce trail (end to end ) run. She has 50 volunteers as guides and is averaging 50K per day of the 840+ k run.

So although I still plan to run the odd Ultra, I will try and impart some of the knowledge I have learned over the past fifty years..

Saturday, August 9, 2014

august 09 2014 The other side!!!

It is 3am and  I am up, 5 minute walking, and 5 minute resting all Aug. 08 has made it difficult to sleep. I will try and sleep less to-day to sleep better to-night. The Doc, ended up doing a 5 Bypass operation , so had to harvest a lot  from my Donner leg, which , is given me the most pain right now . I better go back to bed as I have to entertain Roger and Gwen-dog  who are coming to take EddieDog for a run to-morrow. The rest of my heart is very ( Robust ) with all my running, but could not defeat my " Genoa " History of Heart deaths in my family. So if you are having trouble , Get Tested>

Sunday, July 13, 2014

July 12/14

Talked to Dr Dokainish cartalogest and Dr Dyub heart surgeon, and they both say open heat surgery in nessary. I have four arteries blocked, 100% 90% 60% and 40%. An angeriogram will not work because I will not survive the poceedure. They are going to attempt a Quad bypass.This is not to get me running again but keep me alive! I will blog again on the other side!                                     

Friday, July 4, 2014


It is three am and I can,t sleep! I woke from a great dream, I was running along Miles Gorge on the Yukon River, the roar of the "white water" was below me on the right the sun high in the August sky. My feet were dancing along the pine needle carpeted path. I was breathing easy, only thirteen miles to go. I hear the runner behind me stumble,tired, I think I got him!

The thing is, my Doctor phoned me tonight and had the pharmacy send over a nitro patch and spray kit. He had gotten the results of my Heart MIR and they were not good! 

When I took the test, a Dr Mallory was the attending doctor,who I recognized as one of the old guys I,d hammered down many a trail race with. Jumped in when the tech was grilling me about chest pain on a scale of 1 to 10. I was suffering along at what I thought was a 5. Dr Mallory said " if we were running together, would you have to stop" on my nod yes, he stopped the test!

He then said to the poor tech  "when you have a runner,the numbers don,t work. They are use to suffering"!

The bottom line it looks like I am done for this season, at least until I hear from my surgeon.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur was very important to me this year because of three reasons. 1/: I had run it many times over the last thirty years and had never done well, in fact last year I had a DNF in the 50k although I did finish the 25k. 2/: I was running with a new GOAL, just to Finnish the 25K well in my age group. and 3/: I had done the miles and expected a good result!

I started the race with Roger and his friend, who grew tired of my slow pace and forged ahead. I ran with Roger in sight for the first 5k or so, when we met or first big uphill I could,t catch my breath and a sever pain I my chest, I told Roger I could not breath and to go on. I took two 400mm Advil and after walking for about five minutes felt better so started to run.  The next hill the chest pain came back with a vengeance and I was forced to walk again and take Advil. This repeated its self for the whole 25K. I ran across  the the finish line about three and one half hours last in my class and having taken a whole bottle of Advil!

When I related this story to my Doc, she ordered blood tests etc. The 2nd Doc I saw the next day confirmed Angina and baned me from exercise, and ordered more tests. I am to see a heart surgeon for further treatment.

I am passing my time doing renovations and looking a motorcycles.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

ATB DNF and stuff

Mar 27 2014

 I was able to get in over 30K last week and although it is a great improvement, I am nowhere close to were I should be. I have the ATB this weekend, a beautiful 30k around the Hamilton Bay. I have run this race 13 times and DNF,d last year the beginning of my troubles. Although I am feeling much better, this year, 30K a week is no where near the miles I need to complete the race!
The 12 times I ran it before I averaged at least 60K training Ks a week. My best times coming off a 100K training week.
So because of these reasons plus the fact I find it impossible to pace myself e.g. walk. I have decided to withdrawal from the race and concentrate on training for the Sulphur Springs Ulta. A race I have never placed in, because it attracts the best trail racers in North America and Europe

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


2013 was an interesting year!

 My Meds that I have great success with over the past 11 years stopped working, I had two race DNFs the first in fifty years, my pace went from 8 minutes per mile to over 12 minutes per mile and I started falling all the time.
I tried all the traditional medical, and after multiple expensive tests I was told :
1/ I had no immune system
2/ I was nerve deaf in my left ear
3/ I had gone blind in my left eye
4/ They (doctors) had no idea Why?

Since they had no plan for me, in December I started my own program 

1/ I went to a Naturopatic Doctor Sarah Penny who put me on supplements. I now have a robust immune system
2/ appointment with an audiologist.
3/appointment with an eye specialist
4/ I have learned run/walk with nordic poles , which has helped with my falling and I am starting to build milage again!
5/ I have changed my Goal to finish!