Monday, August 18, 2014

The Women in my life!

I was reading my old Blog entries and I was startled! by the fact there is ,no mention of the incredible influence they have on my running.

Susan my wife! For 50years she has never complained of my obsession, Making it passible to disappear for long weekends on short notice. For not complaining on my weird mood swings prior to a big race. Putting up with my crying, never do that again, only to sign up for the same race the next day.
For insisting I get medical help, when I felt " If I had trained a little harder". 
Suffering though a " open heart" operation by my side.
My Daughter coming all the way from Prince George BC. to help out in a big way.

With out you guys help, I would be nothing. There would be NO POINT!

Friday, August 15, 2014

2 weeks post operation.
 I have to take so time to revise my goals and training plans.

I feel that due to my competitive nature ( when I raced Motorcycle, everybody begged me to stop, as I was no good, and broke 28 major bones ), I have a great opportunity to coach and guide a group of blind, B2, B1 skiers and runners. One of which is half way on an Bruce trail (end to end ) run. She has 50 volunteers as guides and is averaging 50K per day of the 840+ k run.

So although I still plan to run the odd Ultra, I will try and impart some of the knowledge I have learned over the past fifty years..

Saturday, August 9, 2014

august 09 2014 The other side!!!

It is 3am and  I am up, 5 minute walking, and 5 minute resting all Aug. 08 has made it difficult to sleep. I will try and sleep less to-day to sleep better to-night. The Doc, ended up doing a 5 Bypass operation , so had to harvest a lot  from my Donner leg, which , is given me the most pain right now . I better go back to bed as I have to entertain Roger and Gwen-dog  who are coming to take EddieDog for a run to-morrow. The rest of my heart is very ( Robust ) with all my running, but could not defeat my " Genoa " History of Heart deaths in my family. So if you are having trouble , Get Tested>