Saturday, October 8, 2011

CleoDog 2001-2011

I was sitting at the front door trying to tie my running shoes and couldn`t because they were wet and slippery  from my tears. CleoDog died . She was diagnosed with ostro sarcoma in December 2010 and after a short illness she bounced back as my loyal running partner. We were in her favourite field , when she scared up a deer.  The chase was on. The deer covering the ground in graceful souring leaps. CleoDog close to the ground, her powerful hind legs throwing tuffs of sod and grass. The Deer sensing the closing dog.  dogged right. CleoDog in attempt to follow, tumbled and rolled, She let out a painful cry. When I ran up to where she was lying, I saw that her cancer weakened leg had broken. She tucked her head into my lap and  I could see in her big brown eyes she had had enough.
It`s been a week and I ran her favourite route. I did not see the deer but two Doberman Dogs, who usually went berserk when we would pass. Stood silent starring on their property line at the strange old man stumbling past, Crying! file://localhost/Users/spencedickson/Desktop/IMG_1501.JPG


  1. The pain will pass Spence it is still too early after losing such a close friend. Remember the great times you had and Cleo will be with you always.

  2. I hope Cleo is having a beautiful time in doggie heaven Spence chasing deers and frolicking about! What a great, loyal friend she was to you while she ran about Mother Earth.