Monday, March 26, 2012

Around The Bay 2012

I had debated with myself about running this race as I had not done the milage  to do well. I decided the Saturday before to run it as a long slow run to get some real miles in before the "Sulphur" in May. All when well as I lined up with the 3:30hr Bunny at the back of the Pack and set off at a comfortable 7 minute per K pace. All when well for about 2K, But then I spotted, Eugene, An old running buddy and I sprinted to catch him. We caught up on gossip about Old friends and realized we were running 6 minute K`s. Eugene also let it slip that he had started almost 10 minutes late so he was all ready 10 minutes ahead of me on chip time. It was getting warm and I started shedding clothes. I also discovered I had run out of water in my back pack, "Holds 1L " I have never been able to drink from a cup and run so, I by-passed the next two water  stations. I was just passed the big hill when the cramps hit my hamstrings. I could not lock  my knees at 28k so I just sort of shuffled a long in a half squat to the finish line. Eugene disappeared ahead looking faster than he did at the start! I can`t wait to see my finishing picture. It should be interesting! It is a day later and my Hams are sore but OK so it was dehydration that got me.

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