Thursday, September 25, 2014

Maya and the Oakville half marathon.

I got a text from Maya ( blind runner ) she was requesting a guide runner who can run 4:30 k,s  for 21k, She had a very good experienced 5k Guide ( Brodvin) but she had only run 10K once, and knew she could not survive 21k. She had a inexperienced guide lined up. He had run Boston this year but was unknown! She was requesting my friend Roger, who had run her to a 1:45 last year. Unfortunately Roger had a family obligation that day and could not come.

I arrived after the race had begun. It was raining hard with a strong wind. 

Maya came storming in at 1:40 with her guide. Brodvin was no where to be seen! She had blown up at 15k, as expected. 

Maya was happy with her PB but wanted to run in the 1:30,s next time!

I will start working on x skiing next. She has a good coach who will teach her free stile, so she can beat the Russions. She already is the fastest skier in North America!

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