Monday, March 21, 2016

Chilly 1/2 Marathon March 6/16

I arrived early and lined up with the 3hr runners. However soon after we started I felt the pace was too slow, so I took off on my own! At about 5k I cout up to Paul Denarkick, and we ran together for about 10K we passed the marker under 50 minutes and were feeling OK. About 15k I had some breathing promblems and had to walk. Paul took off ahead. I could see him a block ahead walking so I started to run again at 17k I had not cought Paul and had started to stagger. An EMA official grabbed my arm to stop me. Just then my cell phone rang.. It was Sue asking how I was. The official asked if she was at the finish line? I lied and said "yes" and he let me finish 3:24.. I was OK

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