Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iroquoia Trial Test

The organizing club of the Iroquois are blessed with the fantastic Trail system  of the Bruce Trail and were able to run a number races over different distance. I chose the out and back 15k as my friend Roger was running the out and back 50k and was using all of the 15k loop so I could see how he was doing at least twice.
The 50k started early and the 15k about one hour later.  The first 100M was across a large field to a single track trail were we got bunched up in to a single file. I could hear some one shouting instructions and was surprised to discover blind runner Elizabeth and her guide Amie just in front  of me. I ran with them for about 4k until the trail started to get very rough with bowling ball size rocks and steep climbs along the Niagara Escarpment. I decided to leave them at this point as I was too much of a distraction and it was a dangerous part of the course.
 Where it  was good footing I ran hard, but picked my way slowly if the difficult sections. 
Surprisingly I passed a lot of runners and reached the turn around with out incident. On the way back I passed Amie and Elizabeth heading to the turn around. They had make great time on the good part of the trail. When I can to the Escarpment I made a wrong turn and after a long decent ended up on a Hwy. I ran along the Hwy about 2k looking for trail signs when I ran into a check point from the wrong direction. They sent back up the escarpment where I saw the trail sign I had missed. A dum error that cost me 30 minutes. My only excuse is that I was looking down at my footing and missed the sign on a tree. I cursed on to the finish a most enjoyable race on a great course. It should be noted that Roger and a Blind runner and her guide did not make the same "Bone Head" mistake I did. I will be back for the 50k next year.

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  1. A great run none the less Spence. I will have to do some running on the Bruce next time I am there.

    Great that the blind runner was there, and glad the organizers were not scared by her presence.