Monday, August 22, 2011

The Need For Speed

I had a reality check when I got the results of the ITT (Iroquois) I finished in 2:11. The winner in the 60+, the perennially fast Chris ran a 1:34 putting him in the top ten overall. I was 27/51 overall.  fourth in my class. Even it I had not been so stupid to get lost for 30 minutes. I would have been only 2nd. As it turned out 2nd was only 7 minutes ahead me so I guess I am only mortal running with the mortals. Chris runs with the GODS!
I had better get going on the speed work.


  1. Still a great result, work on some speed if you think you need to but I think you do not need to.

  2. This 15k was the shortest race I have run in 10yrs. I like 25 or 50ks but it is evident that I have lost my speed. To do a Boston Q I need to average at least a 6.5 minute K average. I have a 10 mile race this weekend so I will target 1:44 and reassess then. You had a great work out on the Bike.