Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NEWF Story

I was running in terrible weather, a day or so ago and it reminded me of a fellow Jim I met running a 50K Ultra several years ago. He was from Newfoundland and running the "100" so was pacing himself for the long distance and as a consequence I was able to run with him for about an hour. It was pouring rain and I complained how wet and cold I was. "This is nothing" he said in his heavy Newfoundland accent, and started to tell his story.
One fine June day Jim and two friends decided it would be fun to run up the coast from their home in St. John`s to his cousin in Trinity Bay, about fifty miles.
It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny with a gentle breeze blowing off the north Atlantic. They ran along at good pace, laughing and joking with each other and failed to notice the black ominous clouds rolling in from the sea. The had covered about twenty-five miles  on the deserted road. when the Nor~Easter hit, with all the fury of a short changed Hooker on Crack. There was no cover and the freezing rain and hail stung and blinded them as they slipped and slided in the screeching wind. They hung on to each other, each hanging on to the shorts of the man in front like a grottiest dazes chain, as they inched down the road. Fortunately, the temperature along with the wind started to drop and they were able to resume their run.
Then the snow started and soon it had risen above their ankles. They were over half way and had no choice but to push on their breath hanging in the air a steam locomotive and ice forming on our beards and moustaches. I was fascinated with the story, but before I could comment Jim said "wait,There`s more" He began again. The sun came out bright, strong and hot. It lifted our spirits and our pace and we were having a grand time for and hour or so but soon we were all shedding our clothes like snake its skin. It must have been 100F when we climbed the last hill and saw Trinity Bay in the distance. "Wow" I said "that was some run". "No wait" he said, "there`s more"   I waited for him to speak as we splashed though a stream and scrambled up a hill. "What happened" I demanded. Jim stopped and stared up , the rain splashing off his face and long beard. Then the Locast came! 

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