Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Para-Nordic Winter Games

When I arrived at Deerhurst Inn near Huntsville Ontario, I expected a room with a row of bunk beds, In stead I found a beautiful five star Hotel. The service and food were excellent. The town of Huntsville went all out and closed their Main St. to traffic and trucked in tons off snow so that the sprint races could be held in the town centre. To my surprises, I was asked to Guide the Beautiful "Leona" in the sprints a B2 skier. In the warm up I discovered she was very fast and strong and she won a silver in the sprints. The next day I guided the talented Maya, see Pix, in the 4.7K classic race. I quickly discovered. She was much faster than last year. I was hard pressed to keep her in sight and fell several times. Maya unaware that I was on my face raced on,  in the ski tracks until she came to a curve and crashed.
 The same thing happened in the free style. where I could keep up by skating on her right shoulder until the final strait away when I caught an edge and fell. Maya heard me fall and stopped! She was 10 meters from the finish line.

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