Thursday, September 13, 2012

Speed Work

I am 71yrs this year and although I am satisfied with my performance, I am discouraged by my speed which has been deteriorating this last year.
 So I decided too"bite the bullet" and do speed work. I went to the Mac. Track last night and it was closed for repairs. Every body was doing their work outs on the road circle, a 800M loop around the campus. This turned out to be a blessing in disci se as other than the runners streaming past me ,I was screened from the general public.
The 1st 800M went as planned but at 600M the strange but familiar burning sensations started in my legs and I started to pant like an old dog. 4:35! What I had expected 2 something! ( that was 50yrs ago! ).
The 2nd 800M I was determined to do better but at 600M I hit a wall again only harder this time! 4:35 again.
The 3rd 800M I resigned myself too relax more, In my mind I  hear my old coach shouting " head up, chest out, light feet, feel your toes launch off the ground." 4:20
I felt strangely elated on the cool down jog to the RR. I was very slow but I was improving.

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