Friday, January 11, 2013

The Cc ski Caper

I pick up Roger and headed north to Mono Nordic near Orangeville, only to discover a lack of snow, so headed further north to Mansfield where we found snow but patches of ground showing through. With some discussion we decided to head for Collingwood and Highlands Nordic where we found lots of snow.

We both decided to skate and put on our RCS skating skis. This was a compromise as neither one of us wanted to put "clister" on our classic skis. 

When we started on the flat, I discovered that my glide was almost twice the length of Roger`s "new to skating" was not transferring his weight properly to his gliding ski and was wasting a lot of energy.

All when well until we started the long "S" climb up the mountain. Roger with his superior strength just motored on, after 100M I ground to a halt gasping for air! My arms were lead, my legs in spasm and my chest in a vice. I managed to get to the 1600ft  where I found Roger waiting for me. After a decision he headed off around the longer red route and I took the shorter easy orange route. 

It is post two days now and I am still hurting!

I learned two things from this experience: 1/  I can no longer dominate Roger on the snow, Youth and strength, trumps good technique. 2/ Running miles are no longer enough, Roger has added cycling 100K per week. I must do the same.

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