Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Differance Of Ultrarunners

Ultra Runners
I was standing waiting to start a run with my Ultra Friends and thought how different they were from my RRoom group: The differance,

Non off their outfits match

They have toilet paper tied in their camel Pack

Camel Pack

Tilly Hat or floppy hat of some sort

Bag of potatoe chips, or a power bar/gell
they got as a hand out at some race.

No watch,No heart monitor, Gps or electronic gaget of any kind

Strange foot ware ,montrail,salamon,hoka or sandals

 They talk about how beautiful such and such Ultra was. Roger talks glowingly about how great the 2012 Creemore was. There were ropes for some of the climbs, 100F and Roger lapsed into a coma at the end.

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