Tuesday, February 4, 2014


2013 was an interesting year!

 My Meds that I have great success with over the past 11 years stopped working, I had two race DNFs the first in fifty years, my pace went from 8 minutes per mile to over 12 minutes per mile and I started falling all the time.
I tried all the traditional medical, and after multiple expensive tests I was told :
1/ I had no immune system
2/ I was nerve deaf in my left ear
3/ I had gone blind in my left eye
4/ They (doctors) had no idea Why?

Since they had no plan for me, in December I started my own program 

1/ I went to a Naturopatic Doctor Sarah Penny who put me on supplements. I now have a robust immune system
2/ appointment with an audiologist.
3/appointment with an eye specialist
4/ I have learned run/walk with nordic poles , which has helped with my falling and I am starting to build milage again!
5/ I have changed my Goal to finish!

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