Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur was very important to me this year because of three reasons. 1/: I had run it many times over the last thirty years and had never done well, in fact last year I had a DNF in the 50k although I did finish the 25k. 2/: I was running with a new GOAL, just to Finnish the 25K well in my age group. and 3/: I had done the miles and expected a good result!

I started the race with Roger and his friend, who grew tired of my slow pace and forged ahead. I ran with Roger in sight for the first 5k or so, when we met or first big uphill I could,t catch my breath and a sever pain I my chest, I told Roger I could not breath and to go on. I took two 400mm Advil and after walking for about five minutes felt better so started to run.  The next hill the chest pain came back with a vengeance and I was forced to walk again and take Advil. This repeated its self for the whole 25K. I ran across  the the finish line about three and one half hours last in my class and having taken a whole bottle of Advil!

When I related this story to my Doc, she ordered blood tests etc. The 2nd Doc I saw the next day confirmed Angina and baned me from exercise, and ordered more tests. I am to see a heart surgeon for further treatment.

I am passing my time doing renovations and looking a motorcycles.

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