Friday, July 4, 2014


It is three am and I can,t sleep! I woke from a great dream, I was running along Miles Gorge on the Yukon River, the roar of the "white water" was below me on the right the sun high in the August sky. My feet were dancing along the pine needle carpeted path. I was breathing easy, only thirteen miles to go. I hear the runner behind me stumble,tired, I think I got him!

The thing is, my Doctor phoned me tonight and had the pharmacy send over a nitro patch and spray kit. He had gotten the results of my Heart MIR and they were not good! 

When I took the test, a Dr Mallory was the attending doctor,who I recognized as one of the old guys I,d hammered down many a trail race with. Jumped in when the tech was grilling me about chest pain on a scale of 1 to 10. I was suffering along at what I thought was a 5. Dr Mallory said " if we were running together, would you have to stop" on my nod yes, he stopped the test!

He then said to the poor tech  "when you have a runner,the numbers don,t work. They are use to suffering"!

The bottom line it looks like I am done for this season, at least until I hear from my surgeon.

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